Sensors and applications


The focus of the ESEE project is the development of new low-power connected sensor systems, based on semiconductors and heterogeneous 3D integration for the detection of environmental parameters such as CO2, CO or humidity. Furthermore, ESEE aims to develop energy management systems for the control of energy flows.

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ESEE targets applications that require highly reliable information about environmental conditions in order to deduct measures that help to reduce the use of energy. In combination with solutions for air quality management, the potential to save energy inside buildings is more than 30 percent, for airplanes the potential is around 5 percent of the whole energy balance.




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The societal benefit will be the provision of healthy air in indoor environments in combination with a huge amount of reduction in the use of energy due to the avoidance of preparing unnecessarily new fresh air. The applications of the interconnected sensors can be easily extended to other presence dependent use cases of energy, e.g. heating and light.