Work packages


Target specifications of the sensors will be defined accordingly to application specific needs and opportunities provided by the combination of the particular technologies of partners


The different sensor technologies for highly innovative integrated sensor systems will be developed and prepared for the system integration phase.


All sensing technologies and systems subcomponents developed in WP2 will be gathered to realise specific sensing devices for the different applications, specified in WP1.


WP 4 provides communication HW and low level data processing algorithms for subsequent interconnection with the sensors and integration into Wireless Sensor Network operation.


The systems are the interco-nected sensors, communication protocols, power consumption overall and the management system. It also includes the inter-action with existing building automation, environmental data and visualisation of key perfor-mance indicators of both air quality and energy consumption.


The sensor and purification systems will be tested under laboratory conditions. Benchmarking of sensor performance with respect to potential competitor technologies and their applicability for aerospace usage will be performed.